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3D Particle Dance

I’ve always been impressed with the experimental use of 3D particles so I did a little bit of exploration of my own with form and some stock footage alongside a variety of techniques. I’ll be getting around to sharing this process once I can get it into something a bit more comprehensible.

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HTTP Streaming to iPhone/iPad part 1

Before, if you wanted to do any http streaming you’d need expensive software or an even more expensive subscription to a streaming service. With a little work, you can get http streaming from your home computer.
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Duplicate with Connections AE

Make a copy of a layer and link all its properties to the original using expressions. This is useful for instances in which you need to duplicate an animated layer but you don’t want to spend all your time copying and pasting keyframes just to update it. For example, you may want to have a camera in a nested comp duplicating the movement and properties of a camera in a main comp. Note: using expressions can be taxing on the cpu so turn off the ones you don’t need.

Duplicate with Connections

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Plugins and Scripts

Looking forward to getting this site operational. I will be posting some exciting tools including After Effects scripts, plugins and presets as well as scripts for Maya and other useful goodies. I think you’ll all be happily surprised!

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First post

Welcome to Blurry Pixel! I’ll be posting plugins, scripts and tutorials for using After Effects and 3D programs such as Maya for motion and graphics and animations.

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