Article 5 European Agreement Au Pair Placement

Article 7 The Article 6 agreement defines, among other things, how the person who placed “AuPair” must share the life of the host family while enjoying a degree of independence. Article 12 The competent authority of each contracting party appoints public bodies and may appoint the private entities authorized to place the “AuPair”. Article 8 1. The “AuPair” person receives food and accommodation from the host family and occupies, where possible, a separate room. 2. The person receiving an “AuPair” has sufficient time to take language courses and for cultural and professional improvements; any possibility of organising working hours is granted for this purpose. (3) The person who placed “AuPair” has at least one full day off per week, at least one day off per month which is a Sunday, and has full opportunity to participate in religious services. 4. The person who placed “AuPair” receives a certain amount of money in the form of pocket money, the amount and payment intervals of which are determined by the Article 6 agreement. INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL AGENCY AGREEMENT TEMPLATE Download International Commercial Agency Agreement Example in Word format. Fill in the gaps and choose the terms of this international agreement, Article 6 1. The rights and obligations of the “AuPair” person and the beneficiary family, as defined in this agreement, are the subject of a written agreement to be reached between the parties concerned in the form of a single document or exchange of letters, preferably before the person leaving “AuPair” the country in which that person was domiciled, no later than the first week of mediation. Working as an au pair for German families Update: 01.01.2014 Labour Market Authorization Fact Sheet Working as an au pair for German families I.

The work of an au pair 1 II. Rights and Responsibilities 1 III. Customer Ref. Please use the instructions to complete this form. Note one. Note two. Note 3. Note 4. Note 5.

Note 6. Through an electronic written contract, through documents to which 4. AU PAIR DUTIES III.1 The au pair is committed to working hours a day 7 (babysitting included) helping the family with their daily homework. Tasks include: (Detailed information about the tasks that the au pair is likely to perform are to be provided here. Only light domestic and child care tasks are considered au pairs.) Cleaning and cleaning the personal au pair space is considered a private matter, not part of the household chores. III.2 The au pair agrees to provide all requested documents so that the host can fulfill its obligations within the meaning of this Agreement. III.3 The au pair agrees to present a medical certificate in accordance with Article 5 of the European Agreement on the Accommodation of Au Pair. 8 7 In accordance with Article 9 of the European Convention on Entry, the time for these services is generally not five hours per day.

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