Azure Enterprise Agreement Add Subscription

1 A company director must grant these privileges. If you have been given permission to indicate the monthly usage and the department`s fees, but you cannot see them, contact your partner. It may take some time for the new subscription to be created. After a few minutes, update the subscription extension to get the current subscription list. The name of the subscription is displayed in the reports. This is the name of the project associated with the subscription to the development portal. For more information on activating your registration, creating a department or subscription, adding administrators and account owners, and other administrative tasks, visit the Azure EA website. After you`ve activated the Dev/Test field, let the account owner know that they can set up the EA Dev/Test subscriptions needed for Dev/Test subscriber teams. This document answers frequently asked questions about the ownership of bank subscriptions. If you assign an Azure Open subscription to an enterprise contract, you count all Azure not consumed in Open Credits. Therefore, it is recommended that you use all credits for an open-subscription Azure before adding the account to your business agreement. Today, it has to go through politics; So you need to require your account to be added to a subscription role for each subscription created using role-based access. The status must be changed from a departure date to the end date.

The start/end date is the date the user first logged in and the end date of the contract. If you have registered as an EA Azure account owner with the same registration information as your Visual Studio subscription, you can recover your individual Azure advantage for Visual Studio subscriptions by performing one of the following actions: After being added to a registration account associated with an account owner, Azur used the account-to-register relationship to determine where the subscription fee should be charged. All subscriptions created on the account are billed to the EA registration in which the account is located. To create subscriptions, you need to share values for the registration account and user principles for subscription ownership. If a user is added as an account owner through the Azure EA portal, all Azure subscriptions assigned to the account owner and based either on the PAYG Dev/Test offer or on the monthly Subscription offers at Visual Studio are converted to EA Dev/Test offer. Subscriptions based on other types of offers, such as PAYG, that are linked to the account owner are converted into Microsoft Azure Enterprise offers. The department administrator can indicate the spending quota, but only the company administrator can update the quota amount. The company administrator and department administrator receive notifications as soon as the rate reaches 50%, 75%, 90% and 100%. The account owner can now purchase all Azure Marketplace services that were previously included in the Pay-As-You Go subscription.

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