Can I Cancel New Car Purchase Agreement

Hey, Stuart. A bit of a long history of mine. Gone to a dealership for a test drive for a new car says a car will be ready for me. For the test trip, suffice it to say that the car is available only on the show space. In the end, the payment of $500 bail, but without consenting, if it was a cash buyback or financing, as it was late Sunday night and agreed to go in a week to finish the papers. A few days later, another dealer called to say they could find the car for me to test the ride. Gone and driven the car, he liked it and signed a financing contract with this dealer also pay a down payment as well. First rank trader the next day say they have to cancel, as I agreed with other traders on finance. You`re refusing to give my bail now.

What are my chances of recovering my deposit from the first dealer? Both dealers sell the same car and the car ordered is brand new. Thanks car dealers are in store to sell cars to consumers, not to finance the cars that consumers buy. So this box advises you that after signing the sales contract and leaving with the car, the car will find a financial company or bank to buy your contract. This language gives a car dealership the opportunity to find someone to buy your sales contract. Most of the time, it is not a problem. However, if the car dealership cannot find a person who buys your sales contract, they can terminate the sales contract. However, the dealer must notify you within 10 days of the purchase date. If this is not the case, the purchase is final and cannot be cancelled. Every sales contract related to a car purchase in California that I checked contained this provision, and our company saw thousands of sales contracts. If you do not wish to remove the color seal from the contract, your only legal option is to cancel the order. Apparently, they won`t want you to, so you`re going to have to get along with them. If they have already used the sealant, they will want to recover the cost of your $1,000 deposit.

The dealer may still have ordered the vehicle out of the factory to maintain its own stock or to use it as a demonstrator, etc.

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