Terms And Conditions For Tenancy Agreement

17.2 The tenant must enter into the delivery contracts with the competent authorities at his own expense and peril, unless the subjects do not have separate connections and/or the parties have agreed that the owner will take care of the gas, water and electricity supply. 21.1 As a guarantee that the obligations arising from the tenancy agreement are properly carried out, the tenant must pay a deposit equal to the amount covered by Article 10 of the tenancy agreement on a bank account indicated by the lessor. 18.1 The termination of the tenancy agreement is carried out by notice or recommended letter from the judicial officer and to a rent payment agreed on a day (usually the first day of a calendar month) and in accordance with a notice. The notice of termination by the tenant is equal to the duration of a payment period, but no less than one month and no more than three months, and for termination by the lessor, no less than three months and in accordance with section 7:271 (5) of the Civil Code of the Netherlands. 6.3 The Tenant agrees that the surety be paid to Be Resident in the first place to settle claims arising from the tenant`s rental rights. 2.1 When the user logs in, the user agrees to Be Residents` terms and conditions. 20.1 Payment of rent and all other amounts earned under the tenancy agreement is made no later than the expiry dates in the Dutch legal course – without suspension, discount, deduction or compensation against a claim that the tenant has or believes to have against the lessor, except in the case mentioned in section 7:206 (3) of the Dutch Civil Code – by a down payment or transfer to an account specified by the landlord. 3.3 You have the right to obtain free information about the personal data processed as a resident and how it is processed. This can be done once a calendar year after writing a signed application. You also have the right to correct the personal data that Be Resident has about you. Residents have the right to use the appropriate method to decide whether the user has the right to apply, to collect a fee in the event of repeated requests and to refuse to go through an application if, for example, it is unrealistic if the application is made in several cases or is apparently unfounded. If the RGPD is the active data protection regulation, a user can apply to data inspections if the user believes that their personal data is being treated in violation of the privacy policy or if Be Resident feels that it is not obligated to comply with the request. For more information, please visit the www.datainspektionen.se datainspection website.

17.5 The tenant must enter into the delivery contracts with the companies covered by Section 17.4 at his own expense and peril, unless the parties have agreed that the lessor will take care of the provision of Internet, video, audio and other signals. In the latter case, it is the lessor who determines the compensation to be paid by the lessor. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and annexes of this lease. If something is not clear, don`t hesitate to ask. We`ll be happy to answer all your questions! These conditions describe how you act under the terms of the lease. They may include how communication is samminat; What happens during the necessary repairs Inspection details And so on. The client must familiarize himself with the rules of the Lumi Kodud house (the rules for the use of the apartment, the building and the estate) and follow them for the duration of the rental. 3.4 In approving the terms of sale of Be Residents, you agree that Be Resident will process the personal data about you in accordance with the above and certify in your honour that the information you provide is true.

19.3 At the end of the rental agreement or at the end of the use of the rental object, the tenant must evacuate and evacuate the rental property without use and use, duly cleaned and handed over, key cards, etc.

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