Etfo Agreement

“ETFO will next week review the details of its interim central agreements and the ratification process with local leaders and ETFO members.” Members of the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation (ETFO) voted in favour of central collective agreements with the Ontario government, the Ontario Public Schools Association and the Board of Trustee Associations: every ETFO member has an interest in reading and understanding the agreement and supporting the local bargaining process. READ MORE: Ontario Primary Education Teachers` Union, Province Reach provisional Agreement Your local collective agreement is full of rights, rights and protection from arbitrary treatment. ETFO issued a statement on the interim agreement in which union president Sam Hammond said the negotiation process that led to Friday`s development was “long and difficult.” In short, collective bargaining protects your rights as education workers. Read your collective agreement again today. Details of yesterday`s preliminary agreement between the province and the Ontario Elementary Federation of Teachers (ETFO) were announced by the Minister of Education on Saturday. The contract guarantees the single teacher model, full-time kindergarten educator model for the entire year of the agreement and says there will be no changes in primary school sizes. The agreement also includes a two-year, $89 million student support fund that ETFO says will create approximately 434 teaching positions to address areas such as specialized pedagogy, English learning and mental health initiatives. Hammond stated that ETFO`s provincial board of directors had in the meantime approved the terms of the interim central agreements and that the decision to accept the seismations ultimately fell to ETFO`s 83,000 members. ETFO obtains interim agreements at centralized negotiating tables. @etfopresident said: “We are very grateful for the unwavering support and solidarity of our members and public opinion who continue to work for public education…┬áREAD #onpoli #Onted Education Minister Stephen Lecce said he was “pleased” with the interim agreement, which also includes teaching assistants and the Association of School Boards.

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