Albeit Agreement Meaning

However, if you want to use it, the safest way would be to use it to introduce a relevant clause. You can say that a clause is a concise clause, because it is with, although, or else, and it will express something that goes against the information in the main sentence: I have a friend who is from the Midwest and who uses words in a way that, although they are grammatically correct, sounds bad. The protagonist of Epiphany Jones (Orenda Books, £8.99) also has problems with reality, but for other reasons. – The Guardian While this usage coincides with the partridges “Although a subsidiary sentence may begin” (see user19148`s response here) and “although” or “although” work well here, I think the insertion of the albeite clause into the matrix game (I have a friend who comes from the Midwest and uses words in a way that sounds bad) doesn`t seem natural to the point of unacceptable. Here`s another example. In this case, replaced “although” “although” or “of course” with a more elegant solution: Shakespeare “although” well used, well we could (read the following aloud:) The meteor shower was the most beautiful representation of nature`s fireworks, although briefly in its sparkling gushing that I have experienced in my life. Achieving one`s own ambition and a crown, albeit silver, in the same half hour, is always worth it. I say this very sincerely, though unusually, to think humbly of myself. Without the use of “it” which is already provided for in even (that it is) therefore, although it is not adequate synonym of the word. It wasn`t a musical performance per se, but you bet it was a “performance,” though well-intentioned and noble. The following is from the University of Hull website ( and could be useful/interesting.

He discusses “although” and also “wiebeit”. Anyway, for Patlabor fans, we have a new animated entry, albeit short, that we can look forward to. – Forbes According to the previous references, your use is correct, although it is more natural: is the word used correctly? I tried a dictionary, and one definition says it`s similar, although I`m pretty sure that word doesn`t fit that particular sentence (do you see what I did there? I know how to use that word, at least… . .

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