Blue Mud Bay Agreement

This last point is the one that varies the most in the agreements. These benefits include funding local marine ranger programmes, improved Aboriginal coastal fishing licences, investments in infrastructure studies, environmental studies, establishment of governance bodies (e.g. B a Regional Management Advisory Committee or an Aboriginal Regional Fisheries Committee) and assistance in the development of local codes of conduct for visitors to the area. Since 2012, a number of agreements have been reached between the NT Government, the relevant Aboriginal Ground Forces and the NCPC. These agreements were concluded in seven distinct areas (sometimes more than one agreement covers larger areas) where a higher level of non-Indigenous commercial and recreational interests can be expected. Aborigines had to negotiate new licensing agreements with white commercial fishermen on fishing in the tidal zone and in the tides, a task that aroused mixed feelings on both sides. They extended this agreement by six months in order to finalize how they will control access to the tidal zone.

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