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It would be inappropriate to divert sewers around a building of limited life, but care should be taken to ensure that no excessive load is transferred to the flow, which could cause damage. Please note that any response given at this time is not a guarantee of water or sanitation capacity for our network In order to ensure the capacity of your development, you must submit a formal request for water and / or sanitation through our portal. If you are building a new property, you should get advice from your architect or surveyor on issues with your drainage pipes that connect public sewers. In exceptional cases, if it is not possible to evacuate an existing sewer from the building, for example. B when a breach site is developed in a terrace, the water authority may authorize the construction of a building above. If it is necessary to build a public sewer, the authorization of the water authority is required. The state of discharge or disposal of waste water should be determined. In poor condition and/or relatively flat, processing should be considered if a deviation is not reasonably practicable. The EDP must capture the details of your development plans at an early stage and allow us to provide you with an answer regarding the water or drainage needs of your site. We give you an early guide that can influence the layout or design of your pipes or connection points for water and wastewater supply.

When your sewer pipe is flooded, your real estate insurance usually covers the cost of sewer flood damage. Perhaps you can also claim compensation from Scottish Water if you have been negligent. 14.6.1. Before applying for a building order, an applicant should contact Scottish Water: Scottish Water has a special legal obligation to reduce odour nuisance due to wastewater treatment works. The local authority`s Environmental Health Department is responsible for monitoring how Scottish Water handles complaints. A measurement must be made to determine the geography and topography of the site and to determine if there are any existing field procedures. If a construction site requires that an existing flow (including a field flow) remain active and be diverted or maintained, special methods of construction and protection must be carefully studied. The guidelines set out in points 3.5.2, 3.5.3 and 3.5.4 should be taken into account and any new run-off should be constructed in accordance with the guidelines of standards 3.6 and/or 3.7.

If the sewers remove from a drain cover on your property, it serves more than your property, so it`s probably under the responsibility of Scottish Water. Whether you own or rent your property, you have the right to be connected to public sewers to reduce domestic wastewater and surface water. If you need new pipes, Scottish Water is responsible for driving the sewers to a point where you can connect to their private sewers and sewers. All costs related to our application process and the final connection to our infrastructure will be communicated as part of our bid process, after evaluating your application and as part of the design audit response. In this offer, we will confirm what these fees relate to and what the total cost is. As part of this correspondence, we will also confirm the necessary payment point before your connection or connections are completed. Please note: A number of our fees must be paid before requesting your connection, and more details will be included in any separate invoices we offer you, you need to ensure that if you have a water and sanitation application with our business team, all associated bills must be paid before the water connection(s) can be completed…

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