Conditional Fee Agreement And After The Event Insurance

As has already been said, the rights to reimbursement of bodily injury sued on the basis of a contingency fee agreement are not without risk. Despite your lawyer`s efforts to properly assess your claims, the claim is still likely to fail, even in a seemingly watertight case. Therefore, your lawyer will take steps to protect you and her from the risk of loss and payment of fees and take out legal expenses insurance to limit your risk. Insurance policies may cover your own costs and/or attorneys` fees and payments in the event of a dispute. Unlike traditional insurance, LEI does not make a direct payment to the insured for a right. Instead, insurance covers legal costs related to the pursuit or defense of a right. There are two types of policies that are available to both individual and commercial parties to the proceedings: in some cases, an ATE policy or legal protection insurance other than credit card or as part of your travel, home or auto insurance policy. If you already have legal protection insurance, you don`t need a CFA. Simply provide your lawyer with a copy of the insurance policy, but remember that the policy may require you to work with a particular lawyer or company. After the event, the insurance covers your risk of paying your own lawyer`s payments as well as the other party`s fees and withdrawals for a premium. The insurer relies on the judgment of your own lawyer. .

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