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Non-refundable Fee and Deposit(s) – All deposits or non-refundable fees must be disclosed in the rental agreement for them to be legally acceptable (Status 33-1321). There is no fixed-term law for dwellings, but there is an additional 5 days for mobile homes. Rental Letter – Used to terminate a rental agreement. The tenant must first check if he is legally able to withdraw from the lease. As part of the rental agreement, this section describes details such as the responsibilities of the lessor, the responsibilities of the tenant, names and addresses, moving in documents, registration of the rental property and disclosure of the Landlords and Tenants Act. It also contains information on educational information about bed bugs and situations of domestic violence, the tenant`s personal property and the acceptance of reprisals. The subsequent Arizona agreement form allows the current tenant of a property to share the rent with another person called “Sublessee.” In Arizona, subletting is popular with college students and those who want to reduce the amount of their monthly rent. Note, however, that the subtenant does not pay the landlord directly. If the subtenant skipped a payment, the original tenant, called a “subtenant,” would have to pay the landlord in full. That`s right. Arizona rental agreements are designed for landlords to enter into a legal agreement between themselves and a new tenant for the rental of a business or dwelling. These forms provide the monthly (or weekly) fees, the breakdown of electricity and bill payments and, in general, the conditions under which each party must work. Below, you can also access a cancellation form that issues an ultimatum to a tenant to pay their rent or evacuate the residence, as well as a rental app to verify potential tenants.

Landlords make instructive bedbugs available to tenants and cannot enter into a rental agreement with a tenant if they are aware of a recent micro infestation. ( Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 33-1319) Shared charges (§ 33-1314.01) – If the landlord charges the tenant on the basis of a common meter, the calculation as calculated must be included in the rental agreement. The owner can reimburse himself for any administrative costs for the calculation and payment of benefits. What happens if a landlord doesn`t follow the agreement? Taxes (§ 33-1321) – Any non-refundable tax indicated in the agreement must expressly state that it is non-refundable, or the amount is refundable..

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